To ensure you have the best fishing experience you can

Carp fishing in France at Bluewater Lakes

The Rules

We want your visit to Bluewater Lakes to be an enjoyable one, following these few rules combined with a bit of common sense will help you make the most of your stay with us. The rules are in place to enhance your experience with us and for the safety of you and the other anglers on site:

1 – Anglers must use the mats and slings provided by the fishery and not their own.

2 – All Anglers nets must be dipped before use.

3 – No sacking or retaining fish is allowed.

4 – Crushed barbed hooks only, no barbless or barbed.

5 – No particles or maggots allowed between 1st April – 1st November, boilie and pellet only. Strictly pellet must be brought from the fishery only.

6 – All anglers must have a carp care kit or will need to purchase one from the fishery.

7 – All carp over 60 lb must not be photographed out of the water.

8 – No tether rigs or catfish rigs.

 9 – Maximum of 3 rods only, float rod for silvers as well is permitted.

10 – No lead core or leaders. TUBING ONLY

11 – No braided mainline.

12 – Minimum 15lb breaking strain line.

13 – Minimum 42-inch landing nets.

14 – Carp care is paramount, please ensure you have all equipment ready, i.e unhooking mat wet, weigh sling zeroed, scales, antiseptic, water bucket full and camera ready before removing fish from water. Fish shouldn’t be out of the water for any longer than 2 minutes and no standing up with fish.

15 – No shelf life boilies.

16 – Bait boats are permitted.

17 – Boats available on site for snagged fish etc., life jackets must always be worn, Bluewater lakes do not expect responsibility for any accidents.

18 – All swims must be kept and left tidy, bins are provided for bottles, glass and tins. Black sacks are provided for general rubbish.

19 – If smoking on sight we expect no cigarettes to be thrown or left anywhere around the fishery.

20 – No cars to be left behind swims. Unloading and loading only.

21 – No cars on the grass or to be driven or moved after darkness.

22 – No children under the age of 15 at the lakes unless permission is gained from the owner prior to your booking.

23 – No swimming permitted.

24 – No fires, loud music or shouting across the lakes.

25 – No dogs permitted.

26 – Gates open at 1pm on Saturdays, no entry before a draw for swims will take place at 2pm.

27 – If anglers book for longer than one week they don’t have to be entered into the draw the for the following week.

28 – Anglers should be out of there swims by 9.30am and ready to depart by 10.00am.

29 – All equipment hired from Bluewater lakes to be returned to the cabin cleaned and in good working order or you may lose your deposit.

30 – Unsociable behaviour, abuse of alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated.

30 – Please do not feed our dogs, they are getting fat!

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